Christmas with the Jew

This time of year is particularly difficult for my family. My mom and I are Jewish, my dad was raised a Catholic, and my husband is Baptist. Yeah, a good mix. We tend to celebrate both Chanukah for my mother and I and Christmas for my father and husband. I understand the similarities and differences between the two but my 7 year old isn’t 100% understanding it which is normal for a 7 year old. This year in particular the first night of Chanukah is Christmas Eve. I have to light the candles while the others watch Santa Claus is Coming to Town. I enjoy both parties and no my kids don’t get 8 nights of Chanukah presents and Christmas on top of that. They get a present the first night and then celebrate Christmas. We have a tradition where they get to open one gift Christmas Eve anyways so there won’t be to much change. Recently my 7 year old has become more interested in his faith. I have been waiting for this question. “Mama, why do we celebrate Chanukah and the other kids get Christmas?” Mind you he knows we do both for both sides of the family but it does get a little confusing at times. I have tried to explain the reason for Chanukah and the reason for Christmas(with my husbands help), but he still wants to know more and I don’t think he will understand the differences and the similarities between Jewish holidays and Christian, Baptist, Catholic, ect. holidays. Am I wrong to not want to try to explain it just yet because he won’t understand it or should I try anyways?


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